Important Events of R.J. Reynolds High School


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  • 1919: Charles Barton Keen, the architect of the Reynolda House designs the school.

  • January 9, 1923, Tuesday Evening: After reopening from Christmas vacation that day, the old Winston High School (a.k.a. Cherry Street High) is gutted by a great fire.

  • January 15, 1923: The new, yet uncompleted, school building holds classes for the first time.

  • June 1923: Volume 12 of the Black and Gold is printed. This time however, the yearbook carries the R.J.Reynolds High School name instead of Winston High School.

  • May 8, 1924: The Richard J. Reynolds Memorial Auditorium is dedicated. A few weeks later, it holds its first commencement exercises. On November 24, Harry Houdini performs.

  • November 17, 1924: The first issue of the Pine Whispers newspaper is distributed.

  • 1926: Field Hockey team wins state championship.

  • Spring 1933: B.C. Dunford, Jr. '33 composes the school song "Her Portals Tall and Wide."

  • December 8, 1941, Monday: The student body gathers in the gym to hear President Roosevelt's Declaration of War speech.

  • 1945: Golf team wins state championship.

  • January 1948: Key Club is founded. On May 21, they host the school's annual "Variety Show" - a predecessor to the Key Club Follies.

  • 1948-49: Senior Service Club's (SSC) first year.

  • 1949: Basketball team wins state championship

  • Spring 1949: Tommye Ring '49 composes the new Alma Mater "Amid the Pines." The old song "Her Portals Tall and Wide" becomes school hymn.

"Amid the pines,

she proudly stands,

To her our voices rise.

We shall always love her...

Dear old Reynolds High."

"Our school

of great tradition,

Gives us all ambition.

Alma mater, Alma mater,

Hail our Alma Mater!"

  • 1951: Golf team wins state championship

  • December 3, 1952: Football team wins state championship

  • 1953: Track team wins state championship

  • 1955: Track team wins state championship

  • November 28, 1957: The Dancing Boots give their first performance at the Piedmont Bowl in Bowman Gray Stadium.

  • 1958: Football team wins state championship

  • December 6, 1959: The Band and Boots perform at the Washington Redskins game.

  • 1962: Track team wins state championship

  • 1963: Winston-Salem and Forsyth County consolidate schools into one system.

  • 1964: Football team wins state championship

  • Spring 1968: The nickname "Society Hill" surfaces from rival schools. The golf team wins state championship.

  • Fall 1968: New girls' gym and history building are opened. History building is attached to cafeteria built in the late '50's. Girls' gym is to the right of the old gym.

  • Fall 1971: Due to a court ruling on required busing, the school system is reorganized creating a two-year junior high, high, and senior high system. Reynolds becomes eleventh-twelfth grade senior high school with graduating classes often numbering more than 800. Rival Mount Tabor becomes ninth-tenth feeder high school.

  • Spring 1973: The Black and Gold staff produces a commemorative 50th Anniversary history of Reynolds.

  • 1974-1978: Cross Country team's reign of the state championships.
  • Fall 1975: The greatest graduating class ever embarks on their 2-year odyssey through RJRHS

  • 1975: Basketball team wins state championship.

  • 1976: Tennis team wins state championship.  

  • June 1976: The entire graduating class of 1976 piles in one big 1971 Pinto and heads for Myrtle Beach!

After that, who cares, I mean really...?